Gianni Panagiotou

The “Frontiers in Host Microbiota Symbiotic Interactions” Symposium – live and in person – will take place on February 9-11, 2022 in Berlin.

With the support of the Leibniz-HKI, the Marie Sklodowska Curie Doctoral Network “BestTreat” and the DFG Cluster of Excellence “Balance of the Microverse” we will bring together experts from academia and industry that are driving technological advancements and striving to understand the interactions between the human microbiome and health. This meeting will update current knowledge of how various microbiomes communicate with the host, the factors that influence these interactions and discuss the new developments enabled by metagenomics, metabolomics, single cell sequencing and other technologies. We cordially invite all researchers interested on the impact of the microbiota and its products on disease susceptibility and resistance to join us.

Gianni Panagiotou
Scientific program

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The program will include three days full of lectures on the latest scientific developments and activities to foster networking between renowned scientists, early-stage researchers, clinical professionals and industry.


  • Microbiota and the immune system
  • Microbiota and metabolism
  • Translational implications and challenges
  • Synthetic biology
  • Antimicrobials from the microbiome
  • Novel techniques for microbial ecology

Our Speakers